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Cloud and Rainbow
HE Promised a Rainbow!

JESUS my Lord and Savior

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As 2009 unravels his banner, we grapple with dramatic daily historic changes that challenge and threaten the world’s political, economic, and military climate.

We are witness to ever-increasing natural catastrophes of Revelation proportions

We often watch, almost as casual observers, while man’s inhumanity to man creates the chaos and calamity of terrorism, prejudice, hatred, crime, murder, poverty, famine and disease throughout our neighborhoods and our world. In addition, we are witness to wordwide physical climate changes that cry out of an extraordinary, earth-shattering instability ignited by probable global warming and ever-increasing natural catastrophes of Revelation proportions

What in the world is happening?

There is no place on earth untouched by man-made or natural disasters. I live in California, where every year we watch wild firestorms blaze and char thousands of acres; destroying land and homes, displacing people and pets . Every time the earth shakes we wonder: Is this the Big One? It could happen today! We could be the next to be buried under tons of rubble, or evacuated. Where to go? What to do? If firestorms and earthquake country are not your cup of tea…what is the major natural disaster in your area: flood, draught, tsunami, hurricane, monsoon, volcano, lightning strike, blizzard, tornado, an avalanche?

The experts remind us to be prepared

Keep our gas tanks half-full, store an emergency kit in our cars, and have another one at home. Kits should include a radio, whistle, paper, pens, maps, flashlight, copies of identification and credit cards, contact names and numbers, sturdy shoes, clothes, tools, utensils, blankets, and enough food, water, first-aid supplies, medicine, infant and pet supplies, hygiene and sanitation items, waterproofed matches, batteries, and cash to survive without assistance for at least three days.

Unfortunately, recent disasters have taught us that it could take much longer. Every person should have an agreed upon, after the disaster, location for all family members or friends to meet.

Your cell phone might not work, and it may be impossible to make local phone calls. Therefore, also have an agreed upon out of state contact person.

Are you prepared?

Are you prepared mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually for a natural or man-made catastrophe?

Logic dictates that we should heed the warnings and be prepared to the best of our ability for whatever may come our way. You can start today. Visit http://www.christianemergencynetwork.com to find out more.

Remember, dear ones, It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

Christians are not exempt from experiencing these disasters. Trust God, be prepared, pray daily, and put extra Bibles in your emergency survival kits.


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