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With True Patience Comes Humility

Jesus my  Lord and Savior

Anastasia Diamond – © 2011 

Galatians 5:22-23 tells us there are nine ‘Fruits of the Spirit’:

Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-controland Patience.

Most of us expect patience from family, friends, God, and others. However, we usually do not go out of our way to pray patience for ourselves.

Though we often lament in frustrated desperation, ‘Lord, give me patience’, we tend to seek and cherish the other eight fruits on that spiritual tree far more than we do patience.

So…why do we dread receiving this precious Fruit called patience?

Some how, we inherently know that patience takes time and comes with a price that will mold, shape, stretch, and grow us. Though we truly appreciate and desire the ultimate end product, we are often fearful of the process.

Our human nature functions in the instant gratification of now. However, God designed our spiritual nature to function in patience. The old English word for patience is ‘longsuffering’, which is a scary proposition for most of us. Did Jesus endure long-suffering? Indeed, in Him patience had its perfect work!

God is patient with us because He loves us, and fully knows us just as we are, flawed and imperfect. He has purposefully chosen to offer us the blessed Fruit of patience that we can be more fully like Him; more fully know Him, and more fully love Him. We can then more fully know and love others and ourselves…with His precious Fruit of patience.

With true patience comes humility…and submission to God’s perfect will for our life.




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Lean on JESUS

JESUS My Lord and Savior

©All Rights Reserved -Anastasia Diamond

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When life is challenging (that’s every day)…lean on Jesus

When time stops on rewind, and hard memories replay…lean on Jesus

When resources are scarce, or finally run out…lean on Jesus

When hope turns to hopeless…lean on Jesus

When promises crack, and are broken…lean on Jesus

When sad songs are the melody of your life…lean on Jesus

When prayer feels impossible…lean on Jesus

When sorrow engulfs you…lean on Jesus

When tears overflow, and will not stop…lean on Jesus

When truth is made false, and lies become truth…lean on Jesus

When home is a place where there is no peace…lean on Jesus

When faith is only a distant concept…lean on Jesus

When disappointed in people, places and things…lean on Jesus

When grief is your constant companion…lean on Jesus

When friends cannot be found..lean on Jesus

When defeat is an option, and you want to give up…lean on Jesus

When loss overwhelms you…lean on Jesus

When love isn’t lovely, but tainted or worn…lean on Jesus

When abandoned, alone and forsaken…lean on Jesus

When comfort from others, leaves you still wanting…lean on Jesus

When joy is elusive…lean on Jesus

When sleep doesn’t come, in the middle of the night…lean on Jesus

When words have wounded, and cannot be taken back…lean on Jesus

When anger and rage spew like an erupting volcano…lean on Jesus

When addiction is your secret companion, destroying you life…lean on Jesus

When confusion reigns, clouding your thinking…lean on Jesus

When death is knocking on the door of your life…lean on Jesus

When evil, and false gods beckon you…lean on Jesus

When laughter depends on bad jokes, or hurtful pokes…lean on Jesus

When justice is unjust to the innocent…lean on Jesus

When suicide feels like the only way out…lean on Jesus

When family are not supportive, or far, far away…lean on Jesus

When change is unwanted, but inevitable…lean on Jesus

When envy is deep, deep green…lean on Jesus

When peace isn’t perfect…lean on Jesus

When pleasure is an empty and bottomless pit…lean on Jesus

When trouble surrounds you…lean on Jesus

When sin consumes you…lean on Jesus

When goodness, mercy and grace are foreign to you…lean on Jesus

When marriage vows break…lean on Jesus

When pain burns in every fiber of your being…lean on Jesus

When thoughts take you to dangerous places…lean on Jesus

When burdens are heavy…lean on Jesus

When communication crumbles…lean on Jesus

When wisdom departs, or wise men act foolishly…lean on Jesus

When bitterness is turning your heart to stone…lean on Jesus

When children or parents disappoint…lean on Jesus

When guidance is poor or lacking, and your path is diverted…lean on Jesus

When illness invades your body, mind, or spirit…lean on Jesus

When fear cancels all logic…lean on Jesus

When God feels like a stranger who just doesn’t care…lean on Jesus

When doubt fills your every thought…lean on Jesus

When actions cause negative consequences…lean on Jesus

When heaven feels far beyond your reach…lean on Jesus

When plans shrivel and die…lean on Jesus

When forgiveness isn’t easy, or doesn’t come at all…lean on Jesus

When you shatter and break, gather all the pieces at the foot of His cross…and lean on Jesus.

John 3:16-17

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son (Jesus), that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.

All Rights Reserved ©2009-2010…”JESUS my Lord and Savior-ANASTASIA DIAMOND’S Prayerful Reflections…and Photographs on a Spiritual Journey from Darkness into HIS Light” Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Anastasia Diamond is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided full and clear credit is given author/photographer and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content at: https://jesusmylordandsavior.wordpress.com/            Bookmark and Share

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My dear and precious late mother-in-law, Dorothy Diamond

JESUS My Lord and Savior

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May your Mother’s Day be blessed and filled to over-flowing with love, joy, peace, happiness, comfort, discernment, wisdom…and a closer walk with Jesus.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are…Happy and blessed Mother’s Day! No matter if you are 15 or 105; Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter if you are carrying your first child, have one child…or 20 children; Happy Mother’s Day! No matter if your children are with you…or not; Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter what the current circumstances of your life and motherhood are; Happy Mother’s Day! No matter if anyone speaks words of encouragement to you…or not; Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter if your children are living…or have gone before you; Happy Mother’s Day! No matter if your child is perfect…or not; Happy Mother’s Day! No matter if you receive a Mother’s Day card…or not; Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter if you are free…or imprisoned; Happy Mother’s Day! No matter if it is your first breath as a mother…or you last; Happy Mother’s Day!

The current circumstances of any mother’s life does not take away from knowing that being a mother is God’s gift to us.

He gave all mothers a special purpose to fulfill when He proclaimed they would carry life. God also gave all women called to be a mother-in-law a special purpose when he gave them their children’s husbands and wives to love.

Whether the children in your life are of your body…or your heart…may your Mother’s Day be sweetly blessed in the thoughts of your mind, words of your mouth, and actions of your body. May you have a Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day! https://jesusmylordandsavior.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/happy-and-blessed-mothers-day/

You may also want to visit my prayerful reflections for Mother’s Day which is also on this blog at: https://jesusmylordandsavior.wordpress.com/2009/05/11/mothers-day-reflections-and-prayer/

All Rights Reserved ©2009-2010…”JESUS my Lord and Savior-ANASTASIA DIAMOND’S Prayerful Reflections…and Photographs on a Spiritual Journey from Darkness into HIS Light” Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Anastasia Diamond is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided full and clear credit is given author/photographer and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content at: https://jesusmylordandsavior.wordpress.com/

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JESUS my Lord and Savior

©All Rights Reserved-Anastasia Diamond

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Darkness Into Light
A New Door Will Open…on the Other Side of Eternity

Wee little ones  graduate from kindergarten to grade school; others from middle school, high school, and college….

Every Graduation is Preparation for the Next Step

Throughout this time called life, we graduate from one motivating passage to another: womb to birth; crawling to standing; walking to running; babbling to talking; school to employment…moving out, military, marriage, career, baptism, parenthood, widowhood, and maybe eventual retirement. Every graduation is preparation for the next step; as we prepare to do the things, that will prepare us to do the things, that we are being prepared to do.

God Created You to Live a Series of Progressive Graduations

God knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. He created you to live a very specific series of progressive graduations from your precious conception to your earthly death. Some are mild-stones, remembered as momentous occasions. Others, you can not remember at all. However and interestingly, they are all the same to God;  as each one presents a uniquely tailor-made opportunity for you to grow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Earthly Rewards Eventually Fade Away

Here on earth, we are handed tangible acknowledgments of our graduations such as certificates, report cards, diplomas,  promotions, paychecks, certificates, birthday cards, licenses, and contracts. We then hear: “Congratulations! (fill in your name)”. Albeit joyous and valuable occasions, we are being presented with kind words and earthly rewards for achievements that will eventually fade away.

How Many Graduations Will I Have?

I don’t know how many graduations you’ve experienced…or will experience. Some of us have many, others – very few. I don’t even pretend to understand why the difference. However, I do know, young or old,  rich or poor, successful or not, there is an ultimate graduation all of us must experience: the final graduation from earthly existence into life eternal.

Dear one, what do you want to receive, and what are the words you long to hear at your final graduation? The Bible reminds us to press on; that we may receive crowns, and hear: “Well done good and faithful servant.” These words speak of the spiritual rewards that will last into eternity for believers in God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

We Are All Going Somewhere After Our Final Graduation

The choice is yours. Will you  live in eternity with Jesus? Or, will you spend eternity in that other place so many do not want to even acknowledge exists? Yes, the choice is yours;  heaven or hell. There is no graduation party in hell. Satan’s only purpose is to kill, steal, and destroy. The only one celebrating in hell  is satan and his followers. They  celebrate the killing of life, the stealing of the truth, and the destruction of hope. They celebrate another lost soul knowingly or unknowingly committed to an eternity in the pits of  hell.  Choose wisely dear one. Choose Jesus! He will celebrate your life and your choice to follow Him.

Will Your Final Graduation be a Celebration of Your Life and …Choice to Follow Jesus?

It is never too late…or too early, to decide where you are going, while you are still here on earth. Every person born on earth has the opportunity to choose heaven. No one has strayed too far. Remember the thief on the cross who repented? Jesus told him, Today you will be in Paradise with Me. Forgiveness is for the taking. Jesus died and shed His blood for our sins, so that we may celebrate life eternal with Him. Choose wisely; choose Jesus. Let your final graduation be a celebration of your life, and your choice to follow Jesus.

I Agree with You in Prayer

I agree with you in prayer that you will choose wisely to live your life in, through, and with Jesus; one meaningful graduation at a time…while knowing the most significant treasure and graduation is yet to come in eternity with God the Father, the Spn-Jesus Christ, and the most Holy Spirit.

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JESUS my Lord and Savior

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© All Rights Reserved -Anastasia Diamond

California Coast

Walk into the Deep of HIS Sacrificial Service

We all have opportunities to serve in His name

Within the process of sanctification, while traveling on the narrower road, we are given opportunities to wash another’s feet in sacrificial service. Opportunities to offer our service in submission to God’s will; opportunities to unleash His power, through us, to others.

Opportunities for more of Him and less of us in every thing we think, say, and do. Opportunities for Him to be glorified, and for us to be humble, obedient, yielding servants in His name.

God has called  you to serve Him in miraculous ways

Sacrificial service is a gesture, a statement, or action that you normally would not choose to say or do. It may even put you in peril. It requires that you go above and beyond what is expected or comfortable, in love, and in reverence to the Lord. God has called missionaries, ministers, martyrs – and you, to serve Him in miraculous ways.

Look for opportunities to serve Him

We never know when we will be placed in a situation where God is proving the metal of our serviceability. Be looking for opportunities to present your body to God, a living sacrifice; in joy, and to His glory.

Look outside of your comfort zone to serve others in the name, and nature, of Jesus Christ. Seek out service, without compensation. Sacrificial service does not expect reward or personal gain. Assist in another’s mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual restoration. Look for opportunities to be used in sacrificial service to the good of others, and to His glory.

What are you willing to do in His name?

Step-up! Relinquish your will, in service to Him. Do a good deed in His name, offer a helping hand, extend a kindness, go without…or do without…to His glory. Jesus demonstrated the ultimate sacrificial service. He died for you, that you may live. What are you willing to do for others in His name?

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Intimacy-In To Me You See

'Intimacy' In-To-Me-YOU-See

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How do you explain a true miracle?

In this jaded world of real TV, video games, theatrics, smoke, mirrors, magic, and cheap tricks, how do you explain a true miracle to someone who has never met the Savior?

From cradle to grave we are continually manipulated, coached, enticed, and encouraged to watch murder, death, human cruelty, and bloodshed…real and not; over and again until even the most sensitive of us become desensitized. We watch the nightly news, constantly exposed to man’s inhumanity to man, with limited lasting response, if any.

We witness what appears to be miracles

We also witness what appears to be miracles, in a world where a distorted version of truth, fact, and fiction melt into a fuzzy (out of focus) mock reality; easily turned off and on at will. Various characters appear to die and rise again, speak in other tongues, fly, walk on water, and perform miracles with spells, chants, and witchcraft. Elephants and airplanes disappear and reappear at the flutter of a curtain and command of a magician.

How do you explain the mystery of the cross and resurrection?

How do you explain the mystery of the cross and resurrection of God’s Son to a generation who saw the movie and now want to know where to buy the video game…so they can be Judas, or the one who flogs Jesus?

Your joyous response to the birth, life, death, resurrection and promises of Jesus Christ may be the only way someone you know, or meet, will get to know Him. As Christians, we must live our life so that others will notice the positive difference in us; then want to know what that difference is.

Tell them His story is a true story

Tell them His story is a true story. Tell them that He came to show us the way. Tell them how He took on all of our sin at the cross. Tell them of the redeeming power of His shed blood in your life. Tell them that He died so that we all may live life abundantly and eternally. Tell them of your Baptism and rebirth. Tell them how your old man went down in the water, and how you came out a new creature in Christ. Tell them of the bread and wine of His Holy Communion. Tell them of His glorious resurrection and His promise that He will return.

Tell them the reason you celebrate Resurrection Sunday

Tell them of your glorious resurrection, through Him, from darkness into light. Tell them who you used to be, and who you are today because of what He did for you over two thousand years ago. Tell them He will also do for them…what He did for you. Tell them that Easter is not just about eggs and bunnies. Tell them the reason you celebrate Resurrection Sunday. They may never know if you do not tell them.

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