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Jesus my Lord and Savior

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Goodbye 2009!

Looking back, you were not very happy. You were a recession year around the world. A year piled high with global and personal financial disasters; coupled with big business governmental bailouts, home foreclosures, increased homelessness, payroll cutbacks and furlough days, double-digit unemployment, and retirement funds swept-away by greed.

You ushered in a change of political party, coupled with a new President’s proposed and hotly debated changes in national, international, and health care policies.

Many, if not most, are glad to change the calendar…and see you go.

Wars raged, soldiers died, religious persecution reigned, and pirates ruled the waves. Global warming was the new hot and cool subject to ponder, while the controversial swine flu pandemic became the more politically correct: H1N1 virus. Diminished moral codes pushed the envelope of decency…while every two seconds a baby lost its right to life through abortion.

Media, saturated with dooms-day predictions, erased almost all hope for future generations; leaving those without an established moral compass to embrace romanticized death, destruction, and anarchy.

Interestingly, the media  also presented and pondered the name, birth, life, death, resurrection, and of hope of Jesus…unlike any other time in history.

Hello 2010!

You are the beginning of a new decade! Where do we all go from here? Many of the previous woes are projected to continue.  And…none of us know who or what may attempt to steal the Happy from your bright and shiny New Year.

However, no matter the global or personal mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or financial challenges we will face – let us none-the-less choose hope – and walk the narrower road,  in faith.

Let us choose to allow Jesus to keep the Happy in our New Year.

For the joy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is our strength. Let us all keep our minds stayed on Him – no matter the year or the season. Let us give a positive report to others…of who and what keeps the Happy in our New Year.

May Jesus  reign supreme in our world, and in your life, family, home, and heart…today, tomorrow and forever. May your New Year 2010 be blessed and truly happy.

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