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Love is the Question Love is the Answer

JESUS My Lord and Savior ©-Anastasia Diamond

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As parents, we tend to love our children unconditionally…in the midst of the most difficult of circumstances, even when we do not like or approve of their actions or behaviors. As children, we tend to love our parents with expectations and conditional love. How much is this like our Abba Father’s love for us…and our response to Him?

God, our Father, loves us with a divine, unconditional love that gives us the free will to choose to reflect it back to Him…or not.

How broken-hearted are parents when their children do not return the love they feel and express to and for them? How can we even begin to measure the broken-heart of God the Father when we, His children, respond negatively to His divine love?

Clearly, God the Father and Jesus, the Son are our divine role model for earthly parent-child love.

Yet, even among those who know the Father and the Son…there is often conflict within the minds and hearts of parents and their children.

As parents, we are by nature positioned to forgive our children’s trespasses… with a genuine heartfelt love. However, the forgiveness our Abba Father and Jesus lovingly model and bestow upon all of us is often sadly missing from us to Him…and from children to their parents.

Many of us knowingly or unknowingly hold a grudge against God when disappointed due to unmet or false expectations of life and people.

We may say, “I am angry with God. Why did He do that? Where was He when I needed Him? He must hate me. How could He have let that happen? He is cruel. I will never forgive Him.” Does that sound familiar? Interestingly, these are also many of the things children often say to and about their earthly parents.

Children cannot learn to love their parents until they forgive them their human trespasses. God the Father and Jesus the Son, who love us eternally, model forgiveness and love for us.

Children…forgive your parents; that you may learn to love them. Parents continue to love your children unconditionally…that you will always forgive them.

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JESUS my Lord and Savior

©All Rights Reserved-Anastasia Diamond

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The Many Faces of a Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love is the Closest Thing to Unconditional Love

A mother’s love is the closest thing to unconditional love we will ever experience here on earth. The birth of a child is the beginning of a lifetime love affair for most mother’s hearts. That child may be her 1st or her 12th; no matter, a mother’s heart is big enough. For, there is no such thing as too many children for a mother’s heart to love. In a perfect world, every mother would fully manifest this capacity…being  that vision of love personified to her children, and her community. However, in the real world, though many mothers may aspire to this, many do not meet the mark – due to her current daily challenges, coupled with history of the unrepaired brokenness in her own life.

God Made Mother’s Hearts Expandable

Sometimes, mothers are blessed with children of her womb. Sometimes, mothers are blessed with children of her heart. Sometimes a delightful and/or difficult combination of both. However and thankfully, though their minds may accept they are not the biological mom, most mother’s hearts do not discern a difference between her birth children, adopted children, step children…and all of the others she gathers along the way who attach to her heart. Each one is a blessing. Each one has his or her own precious place in a mother’s heart. No one has to move over to make room for another. God made a mother’s heart expandable – with a special place and enough love for every child He gives to her.

A Mother’s Love is a Reflection of Our Abba Father’s Love for Us

To be a mother is a gift. To give a child the gift of a mother’s love is a reflection of our Abba Father’s love for us. However, that does not mean it is easy. To love, to truly love…is a daily choice…and can be a burden filled with sacrifice, carried for a lifetime, within a mother’s tender heart.

Praying for Mothers…

Father God, I pray this night for all mothers. I pray for mothers with a history of abandonment, abuse, anger, or broken relationships that may color their ability to more fully demonstrate love in a healthy manner toward their children. I pray for those mothers with mothers who were, or are broken in mind, body or spirit; leaving them a legacy of self-doubt about their own capacity to love. I pray for all of the mothers  raised in loving homes by parents who affirmed them…that they will now lovingly affirm their children. I also pray for every mother who grew up knowing Jesus…that they will now give their children the gift of introducing them to Him.

I pray for mothers with tiny newborn infants clinging to life on heart and lung machines. I pray for the mothers with children who do not have enough to eat, who are dying of starvation in her arms. I pray for every grandmother who is now mother to her grandchildren. I pray for mothers with children who have fragile bodies that are broken, or wracked with disease. I pray for mothers with bright, healthy children who require ongoing daily nourishment for their bodies, minds, and spirits to grow and mature.

I Pray for Mothers Who Do Not Yet Know You

I pray for mothers who do not yet know You dear Lord…and for those who are knowingly or unknowingly presenting their children with false teachings. I pray for mothers who are home-schooling their children, to ensure that You will be in the foundation of their education. I pray for mothers who have children with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and other conditions the world considers different and may not understand. I pray for every mother who never held her miscarried child.

I pray for the single mother who must be both mother and father to her children; may You give her strength and courage. I pray for mothers with young children who need Your guidance and right direction each day to fulfill Your promises in them. I pray for mothers with teenagers, that they will seek Godly counsel and not provoke their children to wrath. I pray for mothers with adult children, that they will reconcile their differences with forgiveness – and not abandon or be abandoned. Dear Lord, I pray for all of the daughters who must now be the mother and care-giver to their aged, ill, or incapacitated mother…who may not even know who she is any more.

I Pray for Every Mother Who Has Injured Her Child in Mind, Body or Spirit

I pray for every expectant mother as she prepares and awaits her coming child. I pray for every mother who has lost her child through her poor choices; resulting in imprisonment, abandonment or divorce. I pray for every mother with children who are lost, that they be found. I pray for every mother who has knowingly or unknowingly injured her children in mind, body or spirit. I pray for every mother who is left with so many unanswerable questions when her child died suddenly in an accident, committed suicide…or was murdered. I pray for every mother with a child who has taken the life of another.

I Pray for Mothers Seeking a Safe Place to Rest Her Head…and Protection for Her Children

Father God, I pray for homeless mothers, who wander, seeking a safe place to rest her head…and protection for her children. I pray for mothers with children who have been kidnapped, sexually abused, or exploited. I pray for all of the mothers who have aborted children from their womb. I pray for all of the mothers who have opened their hearts and homes to children through adoption. I pray for every mother who no longer has her own mother’s love to comfort her. I pray for mothers with children in battle on foreign soil in the service of their country. And, I pray for mothers with children in battle on our streets in service of their gang. I pray for mothers with children who act in ways that make her proud. And, I pray for mothers with children who act in ways that make her ashamed. Sometimes – it is just a different season with the same child.

I Pray for Every Mother Who Has Buried Her Child…Along with the Pieces of Her Broken Heart

I pray for the mothers who have not heard from their child today. Father God, I pray Your perfect peace for mothers, who at this very moment, do not know if their child is dead or alive. I pray for the mothers who are on their knees in daily prayer for guidance, protection, and salvation for their child; that they will make wise choices and understand the consequences of their actions. I pray for the mothers, who in whispers, tears, and pangs of despair…confide in You that it might be better if her child were dead, than to continue living a life of crime or addiction. Father God, I pray every mother who has buried her child, along with the pieces of her broken heart.

I Pray You Will Meet Every Mother’s Spoken and Unspoken Prayer

Dear Father God, I thank you that there is no life circumstance or condition of  heart that is beyond Your loving touch. I pray that all mothers will seek Your face and listen for Your divine guidance. For there is no request any mother can present to You on behalf of her child or herself that is too big or too small for You to hear and respond. I pray Your protection and covering over every mother’s heart. This night I pray in the name, power, and authority of Your Son-Jesus, that You, through the most Holy Spirit, will comfort every mother’s heart; increasing her faith, as You grant her wisdom and discernment in the thoughts of her mind, the words of her mouth, and the actions of her body. I pray dear God, that You will meet every mother’s spoken and unspoken prayer…not in my will but Yours I pray.  -Amen

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Fall Leaves in New England
HE Loves Us… Unconditionally

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We hear people say it all the time: I want unconditional love. I want someone who will love me no matter what I say or do. Someone who will accept me just as I am; with all of my emotional baggage…warts and all.

Are You Setting Yourself Up for Disappointment and Disillusionment?

In reality, when we seek unconditional love from a human object of our affections, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and disillusionment. Many find themselves seeking this illusive dream person and idealized love human relationship over and over…and over again.

We all Want to Know that Someone Loves Us Unconditionally…

Interestingly, even though our personalities can be so drastically different, we are all more basically alike than we are different. Though we manifest our need for love in a variety of creative, charming, or covert ways, we all have that same built in desire for true unconditional love. At times we will not, or can not admit it, but it is there in all of us; from the most tender-hearted to the most hardened heart…we all want to know that someone loves us unconditionally.

Is Your Need for Unconditional Love Camouflaged to Protect Your Broken Heart?

The inevitable happens when two individuals are locked in the battle of a love relationship campaigning for their individual right to receive unconditional love from the other. Unfortunately, neither one will win. Both will have so much focus on their own wants, needs, and desires that it will be impossible to even partially meeting the other’s needs, let alone offer or receive anything close to unconditional love. Sooner or later, one or both feel neglected, misunderstood, and unloved. And so the illusive cycle continues once again, feeling lost and seeking unconditional love; both start thinking they are not lovable and not worthy of love. Though their need for unconditional love continues, it often becomes covered and camouflaged to protect their broken hearts.

Unconditional Love Does Exist

So, what is the answer? Give up? Let go of the dream? No. However, if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting. Is that what you want? Unconditional love does exist. You will just never it find in someone here on earth, or be able to give it to someone here on earth.

God Offers You His incomparable, Unconditional Love Into Eternity

God is the ‘someone’ who loves us unconditionally. Our Abba Father offers each of us an opportunity to receive the unconditional love we so strongly desire, and need, in order to flourish and grow. His divine unconditional love for you began before the foundation of the world. He knew you and loved you unconditionally before you were formed in your mother’s womb. There is nothing you can do to become more worthy of His love. And, there is nothing you can do to remove His love from you. He offers you His incomparable, unconditional love into eternity.

Have You Said ‘Yes’ to His Divine Offer?

If not, what is stopping you from receiving the unconditional love you have sought all of your life? Won’t you reach out and accept His love offering? I pray you will receive His gift and enter into His presence, knowing you are His and are loved beyond the bounds of your earthly expectations.

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