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Pieces of Wisdom…

We Capture Fragments of Memories...Caught in Pieces of Time

JESUS my Lord and Saviour

©All Rights Reserved-Anastasia Diamond

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True forgiveness comes…only after we choose to dig up the root of bitterness in our heart…then seal that empty space with HIS love and the precious anointed blood of Jesus.

How are your listening skills? Do you listen to understand…or just enough to argue and condemn? Close your mouth…and open your heart.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…there is something about that name! Every knee will bow, every tongue will confess…that Jesus Christ is Lord.

HE touched me with HIS love…John 3:16, and I am forever changed.

Thank You dear Jesus. Were it not for Your precious shed blood…I would be forever lost in the darkness…never seeing my way to You.

I receive His perfect peace today…mentally, emotionally, physically…and spiritually (As promised in John 14:27).

I put satan on notice…he is under my feet. I am a blood-bought child of GOD. Therefore, no weapon formed against me can prosper.

My Abba Father gave me a vision of a magnificent ‘Patience Garden’ as my precious husband let go of my hand…and reached out to HIS…then stepped into eternity.

The Gift…Pieces of a Precious Memory

Being ‘salt and light’ in a dark world…is not a call for you to carry a salt shaker and a flashlight!

Prepare to do the work…that will prepare you to do the work…that God is preparing you to do.

When your world is shaking with chaos & you feel like you’re going to crumble…praise God & stand on the Rock of your salvation.

Follow JESUS into eternity. His Light…HIS Truth…HIS Way…HIS Life…HIS Cross…HIS Resurrection.

God said-Acknowledge HIM in all your ways. Therefore, I choose to also acknowledge HIM online…my blog, facebook and twitter.

Abba Father I pray we keep our feet on the narrower road…where Your Word is our lamp and a light unto our path.

Alone…I am a weak and brittle twig. With God…I am a strong and majestic oak.

May this day bring opportunities for each of us to shine His light in the midst of the chaos.

Some days I feel broken…then I remember You were broken for me…and look up and praise You in the midst of my trials.

Flowers that whisper…I Love You

Why do they look for the living among the dead? The tomb was empty….He is risen!!!

One of the blessings of age is diminishing capacity in the physical…compensated by increasing capacity in the spiritual.

Serve God with your gift…then you will find your purpose.

How lovely our JESUS. How tender HIS heart. How glorious our Savior. How perfect HIS promises. How healing HIS stripes.

Are you like ‘God with skin on’ to someone? You may be the only reflection of HIM they see-Take care to walk in HIS light.

Letting go of our control and trusting God…is an action of faith…in the midst of the trials and chaos of our life.

So many tell me Anastasia is a beautiful name. I tell them the true beauty is in the meaning in the original Greek: “Of the Resurrection”.

YOU dear Lord are my safe harbor in moments of sadness, loss, sorrow, grief…and in times of ‘Why?’ and ‘What if?’

All Packed UP and Ready to Go…with HIM

So many times, so many ways…doctors proclaimed that I could’ve and should’ve died. But my Master Physician had a different plan.

We are blessed, blood-bought, royal children of the King of Kings. How lovely to have such a large & diverse family.

Abba Father-I pray for parents who have buried their children-that they will receive Your healing comfort in their sorrow.

Abba Father, You incline Your ears to Your children. You love us…Therefore no request is too big or too small.

He is reaching out to you…step out of the boat…and walk in faith…in HIM.

Dear JESUS, I pray for family & friends who don’t know You. May their eyes be opened to Your way, Your truth & Your life.

Abba Father, I pray You keep me humble dear Lord. May there be more of You & less of me in all I think, speak and do.

Dear Abba Father, Teach me to listen with Your ear, feel with Your heart & speak with Your words…that I may do Your will.

Pieces of Beauty-Anastasia Diamond

Pieces of Beauty

Father, I pray You give us Your discernment-wisdom & knowledge, that we carry out You perfect will in all we think-say & do.

But for HIS grace…there go I. The only way our Abba Father can look at me is through the shed blood of the Lamb.

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JESUS my Lord and Savior

©All Rights Reserved Anastasia Diamond


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My Beautiful Mother…on Her Wedding Day

I miss you mother…I miss you today

It has been an entire life time since I held you as you took your last breaths. My life has been forever tempered by your life…and your death.

How could I have known then, how much I would still miss you and love you now…after all these years?

Ours was a difficult relationship that ended much too soon. You were a hot-headed forty-eight, and I was a hot-headed sixteen. We clashed…and clashed often. Indeed, we argued that night so long ago, when you died of a coronary thrombosis.

Though we were different in so many ways then, I have grown to appreciate so much about who you were, and your day-to-day struggles to survive. We may have been more alike than different after all.

From a hindsight, 20/20 perspective, I eventually came to appreciate and acknowledge that we had a lot in common. We probably would have become friends…had you lived until I grew out of my rebellious years.

There were so many times I felt only anger and abandonment when I needed you…and missed you along the way. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I was able to make peace with the ghosts of the past. I completely credit my blood-bought relationship with Jesus for the mental, emotional and spiritual healing and forgiveness in my heart.

Today I know you did the absolutely best you could do…given the times, circumstances, and your family life history.

Thank you dear mother for all you did.

You provided a clean home, with good moral standards in the midst of difficult times. You set a spiritual foundation of attending church and honoring God. You had a ninth grade education, but possessed amazing wisdom and communication skills. You encouraged my inquisitive mind, and taught me to appreciate learning, philosophy, religion, politics, reading, poetry, writing, and art. I still remember some of our interesting kitchen-table conversations and debates.

You expressed your love and creativity with lots of the best freshly baked, yummy delights; pies, cakes and cookies. I am still amazed to this day at how you were able bake like a master pastry chef in that old coal stove!

Tender emotions were difficult for you.

You were not a ‘hugger’ and I do not remember you ever telling me you loved me. However, I will always remember the day you brought me my jacket in the rain.

I never knew the wise medical decision you made in my best interest until a bit over ten years ago when I contacted my childhood cardiologist with some questions. He sent me copies of my very old medical records and letters. I anxiously opened the envelope, and was completely surprised to learn that you probably saved my life well over 50 years ago…when cardiologists recommended I have open-heart surgery…and you said, No!

You were still coping with the loss of my father, just a few years before, who died on the operating table during an open-heart surgery when I was seven. You apparently were not going to take any chances with my life. Thank you mother. I am now 63-years old; I still have the same heart…and never needed surgery.

There are so many ways to express love…yours was a love expressed through wisdom and service to others.

I am now older than you were then…and still missing you. I love you my dear and precious  mother.

Addendum: My mother died June 7, 1963

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My dear and precious late mother-in-law, Dorothy Diamond

JESUS My Lord and Savior

© All Rights Reserved -Anastasia Diamond


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May your Mother’s Day be blessed and filled to over-flowing with love, joy, peace, happiness, comfort, discernment, wisdom…and a closer walk with Jesus.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are…Happy and blessed Mother’s Day! No matter if you are 15 or 105; Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter if you are carrying your first child, have one child…or 20 children; Happy Mother’s Day! No matter if your children are with you…or not; Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter what the current circumstances of your life and motherhood are; Happy Mother’s Day! No matter if anyone speaks words of encouragement to you…or not; Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter if your children are living…or have gone before you; Happy Mother’s Day! No matter if your child is perfect…or not; Happy Mother’s Day! No matter if you receive a Mother’s Day card…or not; Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter if you are free…or imprisoned; Happy Mother’s Day! No matter if it is your first breath as a mother…or you last; Happy Mother’s Day!

The current circumstances of any mother’s life does not take away from knowing that being a mother is God’s gift to us.

He gave all mothers a special purpose to fulfill when He proclaimed they would carry life. God also gave all women called to be a mother-in-law a special purpose when he gave them their children’s husbands and wives to love.

Whether the children in your life are of your body…or your heart…may your Mother’s Day be sweetly blessed in the thoughts of your mind, words of your mouth, and actions of your body. May you have a Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day! https://jesusmylordandsavior.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/happy-and-blessed-mothers-day/

You may also want to visit my prayerful reflections for Mother’s Day which is also on this blog at: https://jesusmylordandsavior.wordpress.com/2009/05/11/mothers-day-reflections-and-prayer/

All Rights Reserved ©2009-2010…”JESUS my Lord and Savior-ANASTASIA DIAMOND’S Prayerful Reflections…and Photographs on a Spiritual Journey from Darkness into HIS Light” Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Anastasia Diamond is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided full and clear credit is given author/photographer and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content at: https://jesusmylordandsavior.wordpress.com/

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He leads me beside the still waters

He Leads Me Beside Still Waters

JESUS my Lord and Savior

©All Rights Reserved –Anastasia Diamond

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David’s 23rd Psalm reminds us that the Divine Shepherd’s rod and His staff will comfort us. Clearly – David makes distinction between the two.

His ROD is for discipline, correction…and reformation.

His rod comforts me. His rod bestows caution, reproof…and gives me wisdom. His rod, which may often feel harsh – is to protect us from a greater harm.

His STAFF is for leadership, assistance…and direction toward His narrower road.

His staff comforts me. His staff bestows supervision, guidance…and redirects my path. His staff, which may often feel restrictive – is to keep us going in the right direction.

The Good Shepherd tenderly cares for His sheep.

He comes alongside…watches over, directs and disciplines His flock…in love. We, being good parents – are to shepherd, correct and guide our children…that they will choose the right path.

Is our heavenly Father any different? Indeed not.  He has set the shepherding model through His rod and His staff.

Whether five years old, fifteen, thirty, sixty-five or eighty…we are often like rebellious little children in need of parental discipline and guidance. We are little sheep wandering about…in need of a shepherd’s rod and staff.

He is the Good Shepherd.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who will correct, guide, and direct His sheep; that we will not wander too far from Him. That we will graze only where He allows. That we will drink only from His water source. That we will listen, and obey only His voice; that we will trust Him and follow only Him. That we will live a life of service to Him…and will remain in His flock forever.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who sacrificed all for His flock…that none will stray. Not even one. Fear not little flock – trust in Him. Go where He leads. His rod and His staff will comfort you.

All Rights Reserved ©2009-2010…”JESUS my Lord and Savior-ANASTASIA DIAMOND’S Prayerful Reflections…and Photographs on a Spiritual Journey from Darkness into HIS Light” Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Anastasia Diamond is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used; provided full and clear credit is given author/photographer and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content at: https://jesusmylordandsavior.wordpress.com/

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JESUS my Lord and Savior

All Rights Reserved ©2009-2010 -Anastasia Diamond

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My Abba Father loves me yesterday, today and forever

My Daddy Died…He Can’t Wear a Tie

My earthly father died in February the year I was seven years old. The following June brought an empty Father’s Day to a little girl still mourning the loss of her daddy.  However – to my first grade teacher – making a Father’s Day tie was the scheduled class project that Friday. Everyone would make a paper tie to surprise their fathers…even me.

With mist clouding my eyes, I attempted to refuse. I stammered as I told her I just couldn’t do that – my father was gone. He went to the hospital and never came back. She looked at me with unseeing eyes and listened with unhearing ears…telling me, “Everyone must make a tie today.”

Tears welled up in my eyes that morning, as they are again…this many years later. I protested – telling her as clearly as a shy and stuttering seven-year old could: “You don’t understand, my daddy died on the operation table…he can’t wear a tie.” I will never know this woman’s heart, mind, or motivation at that moment – as she continued her stern demand that I make that tie…and without tears.

My daddy can’t wear a tie…

I Felt Defeated…and So Very Small

I felt defeated and very small, as I  chose brightly colored crayons, thought of my daddy…and made him a paper tie that he would never see or wear. A tie that he would never applaud or make me feel special for giving it to him. My best friend hugged me and told me I made the best tie –  my daddy would have loved it. I started thinking that maybe he really could see it. However, I crumpled and tore it up before that Father’s Day came and went.

It took a while for me to forgive my teacher – but I did. However, I spent many more years missing my father…knowing I would never feel the safety of his arms again.  He would never again cuddle me to him and tell me how much he loved me.

I Know My Abba Father Was There

Today, I know that my heavenly Abba Father was there while I made that paper tie – loving me through my loss, grief, frustration and anger. Today, I know that He is with me in all of my struggles on my journey. Today, I go to my Abba Father, who draws me close and tells me how much He loves me – yesterday, today, and for eternity.

HE is the Father Who Always Has Time for You

Children – you may have a great relationship with your earthly father…or that relationship may be non-existent; through death, distance,  indifference or distain. No matter what the past or present circumstance with your earthly father, please know that you have a heavenly Abba Father, the Creator of all that ever was or is…who loves you more and better than anyone else ever will, could, or would. Please look to Him for the guidance, wisdom, advice, and love you seek. He calls you and all of His children to Him. He is the Father who loves all of His children equally, yet appreciates and acknowledges each of your individual precious and unique gifts and talents. He is the Father who always has time for you.

HE is Patiently Waiting to Give You Fatherly Guidance

Fathers – love your children. Look to your heavenly Abba Father for the strength, wisdom, courage, guidance, and ability to be the man He created you to be as you parent your children. Your Father God,  His Word, and His  most Holy  Spirit will show you the way. Seek out Godly counsel when you are confused, angry and unsure. Talk with your Abba Father. Tell Him your concerns. You can tell Him everything. There are no surprises with Him. There is nothing to big or too small to share with Him.  He is patiently waiting to give you the Fatherly wisdom, guidance, and advice you seek as you parent your children.

HE Sent His Only Begotten Son to Die for You

Celebrate this Father’s Day with your Abba Father. He is waiting to hear from you. He is the Father who loves you so much…He sent Jesus, his only begotten Son to die for you…that you may live.

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All Rights Reserved ©2009-2010…”JESUS my Lord and Savior-ANASTASIA DIAMOND’S Prayerful Reflections…and Photographs on a Spiritual Journey from Darkness into HIS Light” Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Anastasia Diamond is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided full and clear credit is given author/photographer and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content at: https://jesusmylordandsavior.wordpress.com/

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JESUS my Lord and Savior

© All Rights Reserved -Anastasia Diamond

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Fall in New England-Lake and Trees
Two Sides to Every Conversation…Even with God

It is said that God gave us two ears and one mouth because He knew listening would be twice as difficult as talking.

The fact is, at times we all tend to be a bit selfish and childish in our communications. Right or wrong, we often talk (about ourselves) more than we listen (to others). We expect to be heard, understood, respected and accepted when we speak. We also want unconditional love and instant forgiveness for our ill chosen words. At the same time, we often have false expectations that others will know exactly what we mean…and are disappointed when they do not.

I don’t even pretend to fully understand the total mind of our heavenly Father when He created man in His image.

However, God is the most profoundly wonderful communicator. He, who spoke the world into existence, is now and always has been the personification of an exceptional listener. With His divine guidance, our communication skills can be in His image.

God’s Word teaches us to be still…and to not speak unnecessary words.

However, at times, we are so tightly focused on our own needs that we forget there is an equally vulnerable heart and questioning mind needing nurturing on the other side of the conversation. Instead of engaging in true fellowship, actively sending and receiving information in the manner it was intended, our communications easily become a self-indulgent monologue, coupled with destructive immaturity. Though we live in a world filled with endless chatter, within each of us is the need for a listener in the midst of the chaos, someone who will honor and respect our heartfelt emotions. Someone, in His image, who will continue listening when they hear and see us for who we really are; not who we want them to think we are. Someone who will listen and not turn away.

So,…how do we come closer to having true fellowship and develop more mature communication skills?

Clearly, we must each find a balance between speaking our mind and listening with our heart.

God, in His divine wisdom, gave us two ears and one mouth. Therefore, we must begin, not by talking…but by listening. With one ear finely tuned to the direction of the Holy Spirit for discernment and wisdom, and the other intent on listening to those with whom we are communicating.

Interestingly, most of us listen and think at about 400 to 600 words per minute, while we speak about 100 to 150 words per minute.

God purposefully created us to have plenty of time to listen with our whole head, heart and body; not just our ears. He designed us with a capacity to understand what is being said, coupled with a built in time lag that allows us to check everything with the Holy Spirit…and develop our answers, or clarifying questions. We just need to learn to use these abilities in the manner He intended.

Listening can be a difficult – but rewarding work!

We listen to show acceptance, to gain knowledge, to understand, to give and gain trust, to reassure, to support, and to react to ideas. Let us all pray that God, through His Holy Spirit, and in the name of His Son, Jesus, will give us the desire and patience to listen more. Active listening is not just a learned skill. It is a matter of purposeful attitude.

Our parents were right when they told us it was very important to look at the other person when we speak, or are listening. Ignoring or looking away, sends a message of disinterest, or disrespect, and maybe even defiance. Speak encouragement into the lives of those around you by choosing words that promote their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, healing and well being.

Everyone needs a listener.

However, so many of our conversations are like rapid-fire debates, with people listening only long enough to disprove what is being said. Take time to listen. Others will respond more positively to our communications when we listen with a true heartfelt desire to understand them.

Always remember…words that wound, cut deep and may never heal.

When you have differences of opinion, decide just how important it is to ‘win’ this one.

The Bible reminds us not to let the sun go down on our anger. So, talk it through…being gentle with your self, and others. Always seek to find mutual points of agreement, instead of focusing on that small false victory of being right.

Prayer – although one of the most important aspects of Christian communication…is often the most overlooked.

A commitment to daily prayer and spiritual accountability maintains our open lines of communication with God. The more we talk with Him and truly listen to His responses, the more His Word and His heart will be present in our communications with our self and others.

God gave us His Son Jesus Christ – that we may have a relationship with Him.

Jesus sent the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to give us guidance and direction. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are available to us 24/7. We can call on them to teach us divinely inspired communication skills. When we listen, truly listen, we give others a priceless gift that will cost us only our time and attention, while giving us the blessed opportunity to be God with skin on for His children.

©All Rights Reserved-Anastasia Diamond

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Blue Flowers and Clouds
Look for HIS Hand Touching Everything

JESUS my Lord and Savior

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©All Rights Reserved-Anastasia Diamond

Never underestimate the power of prayer

The Bible declares the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. The source of that power comes from God; the Almighty creator of the universe who spoke everything into existence…not from we who pray.

The next time you are broken and discouraged, remember that God releases that same unlimited power He applied to creating the universe when we approach Him in prayer to heal the sick, to change hearts, habits, and circumstances; to give wisdom and understanding; to overcome enemies; to conquer death, and to defeat demons.

Fear not as you pray…give it all to Him

Although His answers are not always yes, His will is always for our ultimate good. God always responds in His power. God listens, and moves powerfully in response to prayers that communicate with Him, heart to heart, in obedience with His will. He desires that we trust Him fully and understand that we are partners in prayer. We initiate prayer, and He completes it in His power.

His unlimited power

Just as we have humbly acknowledged that we cannot save ourselves, we must also humbly acknowledge that it is only through His unlimited power that our prayers are answered.

It doesn’t take fancy words to talk to God

Contrary to what many believe, it doesn’t take fancy words to talk with God. The Lord’s Prayer is Jesus’ model of how we should pray to release God’s power into our circumstances, and when we intercede for others. In it, He shows us how to acknowledge God’s sovereignty; praise, trust, and glorify Him; state our need, confess and repent of our wrongdoings; forgive and ask for forgiveness; receive protection; then praise Him again in thankfulness for all He has done, all He is doing, and all that He is going to do in and through His divine power.

All Rights Reserved-Anastasia Diamond

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