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Tell Them Your Glory Story …Your Testimony in HIM

JESUS my Lord and Savior

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When a wise person speaks – they give a reason for the hope that is within them.

They testify; bearing witness and announcing to all who have ears to hear, the truth of their testimony. They are willing to confess publicly, who they were before they met Jesus, so others may also know the ONE who died to save us all.

What is your wisdom quotient?

What is your testimony? How did you meet Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Do you have the words ready to share – in your mind and in your mouth?

Sadly – many Christians do not witness their life changing faith to others… especially those who need to hear it the most.

They often feel intimidated; confusing witnessing with that number one fear: public speaking. Indeed, many people are so afraid of public speaking, they say they’d rather die than do it. Dear one, the alarming truth is that you are saved, but others may die without knowing Jesus if you don’t tell them. The truth of your testimony may be exactly what they need to hear.

I challenge you to be wise and prepared…at your next opportunity to share your testimony.

Do your homework so the words will come easy and spontaneous. Prayerfully, privately, and honestly review who you were before and since you met Jesus. Writing down your testimony and committing it to memory will enable you to share what is in your heart with confidence.

Let us all pray that God will give each of us boldness through the Holy Spirit to tell others the reason for the eternal hope within us.


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